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pplwitprobs's Journal

Vent Problems Here
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1.) When refering to others, or yourself, please use only first names. This helps keep privacy and it is for security reasons.

2.) No Spamming. Meaning don't post the same question over and over. Also, if you see a post like the one you want to write, gather information from those comments first.

3.) Try not to use a lot of profanity. You may use some, but don't have too much.

4.) Keep your arguments away from this community. If you must do it, use some place else.

5.) Don't be too mean when replying to posts. You can critize, but don't chew the person out.

6.) Bashing of others can result to being banned from this community.

We are coming up with more, and you are welcome to post rules you think would be suitable for this community :)

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