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it's too bad it's not my style

what have i gotten myself into, maybe has been slicing inches from my waist...

i wanna say thankyou to everyone who replied to my previous post.
today was better.
i ate a small bowl of cereal (with soymilk) for breakfast.
1 cup of pineapple for lunch.
and 1 cup of pasta (no meat) and 1 serving garlic bread for dinner. haha i'm such a tubbo. anyhow.
i went out with my friend tonight. she's sort of heavier. a couple hundred pounds heavier.
she stopped at two fast food joints and tried to stop at TCBY to get me to eat sorbet. but i stood strong.
i ate a couple tictacs and nothing else. it was nice.
i actually feel hungry and i love it.
it somehow makes me feel stronger, and more confident.
i didn't throw up once today. i didn't have the chance.
i don't like to do it while alexis is around and my family was here all day and i'm not ready to deal with the bullshit from them if they find out.
but to show you how my weight fluxuates, i weighed myself tonight.
i'm two pounds heavier than this morning.
but hey, it IS the end of the day. and i'm on my period.
tomorrow i will do so much better and even better the day after that so i'm satisfied.
i walked/ran 40 min. on the treadmill but no crunches tonight.
i guess that's all.
xo kids <3
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