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hi gals. (and guys?)
i'm charlie. i'm new.
i'm hella chubby and i'm bulimic.
make sense? probably not to anyone but all of you.
i just wanted a place with some friends to be able to vent my frustrations to about my disorder, habits, weight, calorie intake, etc.
in the same boat? you should message me.
my aim is
hahah how fitting, right?
anyhow here is my dilema:
i'm 5'3". 21yrs old. 143lbs.
i am the queen of binging and puking, but here is the difficult side: i'm a nursing mother. for those of you who aren't familiar:
i'm breastfeeding a 13 month old baby grrl.
meaning, she takes/needs nutrition from myself.
my lowest weight (this year) has been 130lbs. i used to excercize obsessively. i ate healthy. then some things happened and i got really stressed out. i quit my routine. i eat EVERYthing.
uh it's horrible. i got back up to 150 but i'm slowly starting to lose again. but i'm throwing up all the time. :\
any advice? any tips? i don't know. i just feel like i'm alone.
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